WoofWorld is, or was, Buddy the Dog's Minetest world. Two copies are, or were, online. Try the fol­low­ing Final Minetest ser­ver addresses:

minetest.fun port 30073

minetest.io port 30073

You can down­load your own copy of WoofWorld. This page provides some screenshots. The down­load link is after the screenshots.

A Final Minetest ser­ver is required. Note: The world works with both MT 4 and MT 5 clients as long as Final Minetest is used.

WoofWorld is noteworthy in that it's based on MeseLite, a modset that is extremely light but fun regard­less. MeseLite used to fit on a 1.44 MB floppy disk.

Big Bed:

Near 71, 13, 58


Near 41, -10, 58


Near -20, -20.5, 173

OldCoder's room:

Near 69, -11, 26.5


Near -20, -20.5, 173


Near 22, -14.5, 50

Download WoofWorld full world

A Minetest world breaks down into two main pieces: A “_game” or “modset” and a “map”. The modset defines the objects in the world. The map defines the buildings and terrain.

Final Minetest supports a few dif­fer­ent modsets. Some are large. But one modset, MeseLite, is very small and still fairly complete.

MeseLite offers these advantages: it loads quickly, it runs fine on Raspberry Pis, and it usually works well with mobile clients.

WoofWorld is a Minetest world, start­ed in 2020, based on MeseLite. The built portion consists of a single small city floating in the air near the origin but there's also an unexplored Earth at height 29050. There's an asteroid belt at height 21500 as well.

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